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In the Schloss Friedrichsfelde–a picturesque, neoclassical pleasure palace in North East Berlin–the ghosts of history begin to make themselves seen. Summoned by a syncretic Afro-Caribbean prayer ceremony, embodied spirits emerge and usher us through the halls of former “Rosenfelde Palace.” Sold from Groß Friedrichsburg along the Gold Coast, these ghosts of history fill the Schloss Friedrichsfelde—built in part with the profits from their enslavement.

Year: 2021
Length: 5′
Format: HD, stereo.
Languages: Haitian Kreyol
Subtitles: German and English Subtitles

Director, Editor: Nnenna Onuoha
Omar Zaki
Lighting: Elisa Daniel
Sound Design:
Gugulethu Duma
Sound Recording:
Marianne Kahle
Guerdy Casimir
Samuel Olatidoye, Shar Adams
Voiceover & Ritual:
Maxi Douye